Building Permits & Inspection

The Building Inspector for the City of Thorsby is Gene Martin. Mr. Martin may be contacted through city hall at (205) 646-3575 Ext #1. Please allow a minimum of twenty-fours notice for in progress inspections.

  • For new home construction a copy of the final construction plans must be left with city officials a minimum of three working days before a permit will be issued.
  • New home construction sites require the approval of the Building Inspector, Fire Department, and Town Superintendent prior to issuance of the permit.
  • Property setbacks should be noted and acknowledged by the homeowner or contractor to avoid issues at the first pre-slab/footer concrete pour.

  • Code of Alabama

    ARTICLE 11. Administration, Enforcement, and Penalties Section 11.1. Zoning Officer The Zoning Officer is hereby authorized, and it shall be said Officer’s duty, to administer and enforce the provisions of this Ordinance. The Zoning Officer shall give information upon request as to the provisions of this Ordinance, and shall interpret the meaning of said Ordinance in the course of administration and enforcement thereof. In the City of Thorsby, the Zoning Officer is the Chief Building Inspector or any other staff member designated by the Town Council.

    Section 11.2. Building Permit

    11.2.1. Building Permit Required.

    No building, sign or other structure shall be erected, moved, extended, enlarged, or otherwise structurally altered until the Building Inspector has issued a Building Permit for such work. The Building Inspector shall not issue a Building Permit until conformance with the provisions of this Ordinance and the City of Thorsby Design and Construction Specifications is certified by the Zoning Officer through the issuance of Zoning Approval. 11.2.2. Expiration of the Building Permit. Any Building Permit, under which, no construction work has commenced above the foundation walls or other foundation support after six months from the issuance of the permit, shall expire. Further, any Building Permit, issued for a property, shall expire upon the sale or transfer of said property to a new owner other than the person for which the Building Permit was originally issued and shall expire upon any change in the building contractor employed for the project at the time the permit was originally issued. Any Building Permit renewed subsequent to its initial approval and issuance shall, however, be subject to the provisions of all ordinances and amendments thereto in force at the time of said renewal

    Schedule of Inspections Required Guidelines
    Pre Concrete Pour Inspection Contractor is required to notify for inspection a minimum of 24 hours prior to placement of concrete in footers or slabs.
    Framing Inspection Contractor is required to ask for inspection of rough framing integrity at completion, prior to other trade activity
    Plumbing Inspection Plumbing must be inspected and tested prior to the installation of any interior finishes
    Electrical Inspection Electrical wiring and panels must be inspected prior to the installation of any interior finishes
    Occupancy Permit An is inspection is required at completion for homeowner to receive an occupancy permit

To arrange for a building inspection, contact Julie Lockhart at the Thorsby Town Hall at 205 646-3575 ext #1. Notification should be done a minimum of 24 hours prior to needed inspection.

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