The City of Thorsby collects limbs and yard debris the last week of each month. We will only collect from each individual home one time within that month with a maximum per household of one trailer load of debris.  Any additional trailer loads are billed at $30.00 to $300.00 per load.

The City of Thorsby only collects limb and yard debris.  This does not include entire removed trees, construction material, furniture, old appliances, etc.  Please place limbs in linear piles at the right-of-way line so machinery will not have to enter homeowner property.  Whole trees and large brush cut must be removed by owner or tree service, this will not be collected and hauled by the City.  Those disposals will be at owners expense.  To make sure town personnel are aware of your disposal needs, please contact Thorsby City Hall at 205-646-3575 ext. #1 to arrange for a month end pickup.  The City will not pickup limbs and yard debris outside the Town limits.

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